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Hi, I am Ellie Mathieson!

I first began making clothes as a teenager whilst growing up in Vinnytsia, a small city in Ukraine. Nowadays you can find me in my shop in Presteigne, Wales.

Ellie standing with her hands in her hair in black and white

Where it all started

from a useful hobby to a flourishing business

Ellie as a teenager with her little sister Anastasia, who is wearing a handmade sweater with a tennis bat and ball

I discovered fashion quite early. Whilst growing up in Ukraine, I experimented with patterns an demployed different techniques and fabrics in my teenage years.

This photograph shows me alongside my little sister Anastasia who is proudly modelling the appliqué “tennis” jersey I made for her when I was sixteen: this early commission won me first prize in a school competition.

After graduating I moved to Kyiv and started to develop what was a useful hobby into what became a flourishing fashion business. The business was centred around making a variety of bespoke high-end garments for a number of well-connected clients, many of whom came from Kyiv, and whose word of mouth recommendations kept me increasingly busy.

After marrying my British husband in 2015 I moved to Wales and then opened my shop in Presteigne in 2017. I continue to work with some of my clients from Ukraine, whilst also developing a growing list of very satisfied clients from within the United Kingdom and Europe.

Bespoke & high-end

every garment is unique

When I started my business in Kyiv, it was not uncommon to work from magazine photographs provided by my clients, a skill which I have retained and continue to draw upon today.

My reputation was, and still is, founded upon my eye for detail, combined with an unerring commitment to deliver garments of the highest quality. I source high quality fabrics myself and believe in a [say something about the uniqueness of every client etc.]

My tailoring process is very much an experience rather than a service. It usually starts with your idea - together we work on bringing that to life [good portion of editing from Alistair here].

Over the years I have amassed and created a huge selection of designs and patterns. The range of garments I have made for gentlemen, ladies, and children of all ages is as impressive as it is expansive.

My attention to detail and pursuit of quality remains just as important now as it has always been, as indeed does my commitment to running a successful and sustainable business.

Ellie showing a client one of her fabrics