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Premium Fabrics For Fashion Designers & Tailors

Looking for premium fabrics for fashion designers? I offer a wide range of fabrics sourced from the finest mills in Italy. As a tailor myself, I understand the importance of quality materials in creating luxurious, high-end apparel.

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It's one of the major draws of the fashion world: the ability to create show stopping pieces that are sure to awe and impress. But, of course, having access to the right fabrics is essential. For fashion designers and tailors, premium fabrics are a must to create the pieces that will be sure to leave a lasting impression with a client.

Great premium fabrics come in a wide variety of textures, styles, and shapes to enhance any outfit, design, or artistic vision that anyone may desire. From luxurious piqué cotton to bejewelled tulle, the possibilities of these fabrics are endless. Not only that, but the fabrics themselves make a statement of the tailor's creativity and taste, which further contributes to the perfect result they are aiming for.

The Importance of Using Premium Fabrics

The importance of using premium fabrics for fashion designers cannot be overstated. Premium fabrics offer more than just beautiful fabrics; they provide the highest quality and improved performance in producing clothing. For fashion designers and tailors, using high-end fabrics is essential for creating stunning garments that look and feel sleek and fashionable.

First and foremost, premium fabrics offer increased durability and resilience, meaning fashion designers can create garments that will last longer and look better. Furthermore, premium fabrics bring an aesthetic value that cannot be achieved with other materials. With luxurious fabrics, fashion designers can create items that capture the eye and make a true fashion statement.

In addition, premium fabrics are often more comfortable and better fitting on the person wearing them. This is extremely important when it comes to fashion design, as creating garments that are comfortable and complimentary of the wearer is key to achieving the desired look.

Finally, investing in premium fabrics will help to create garments that stand out from the competition. When a fashion designer or tailor uses high-end fabrics, they can be confident that their work will be beautiful, durable and of the highest standard – enabling them to stand out from the rest.

In conclusion, using premium fabrics is essential for fashion designers and tailors. They offer a range of benefits that simply cannot be attained using other materials, making them an invaluable asset for to fashion professionals.

Tweed Boucle, Made In Italy – for Jackets, Dresses, Skirts

Add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe with these high-quality tweed fabrics!

These Italian tweed fabrics are made with a beautiful boucle yarn, which is soft to the touch and luxurious in appearance. The tweed is available in a range of colours including cream-turquoise, grey-pink, and cream-blue, and is perfect for creating stunning dresses, jackets, skirts, and cardigans. For a tailor-made jacket and skirt, you will need approximately 2 meters of this fabric.

These fabrics are made from the finest quality yarns and are perfect for creating stylish and elegant pieces of clothing that will last for years to come.

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How To Determine A Fabric's Quality

When it comes to fabric selection, it’s important to know what makes a fabric high quality and, thus, suitable for fashion design. In order to determine quality, start by examining the weave, feel and weight of the fabric. For premium fabrics for fashion designers, look for weave quality, feel, breathability and drape – these key factors ensure the fabric meets the necessary design standards.

The weave is a key indicator of fabric quality. High-end fabrics create a tight, uniform weave, achieving a smooth, uniform texture and high-level of detail. The feel of high quality fabric is silken and buttery to the touch, with a bit of weight to it. On the other hand, low quality fabric will be stiff with a texture that resembles cardboard or burlap. In addition, fabrics with a low thread count can often feel rough and uncomfortable to wear.

A detailed view of a tight, uniform weave in a checkered tweed fabric
A detailed view of a tight, uniform weave in a checkered tweed fabric

Also, think about the fabric’s breathability. Fabrics made with 100% textile fibers like silk, cotton, and linen will provide the best breathability, keeping your clients comfortable even on hot and humid days. High-end fabrics are also able to show drape very well, allowing the fabric to fall gracefully and naturally over the body.

By using these criteria and a keen eye, you can easily tell the difference between high-quality premium fabrics used by tailors and lower-quality fabrics. In the end, higher-end fabrics will ensure a fashion-forward and beautiful end design, elevating any collection.

Where to Find Quality Fashion Fabrics

When it comes to tailoring, having access to quality fabrics is essential. It's not just about having the right look or feel - premium fabrics are essential for creating garments that stand the test of time. Thankfully, there are plenty of reputable suppliers that provide high-quality fabrics specifically for the fashion design and tailoring industry.

The first place to start is by doing some research online. Look for companies that have a good reputation and have plenty of happy customers. Take note of customer reviews, and what types of fabrics they offer. Here at Ellie Mathieson's we pride ourselves in providing not only great fabrics – but 30+ years of tailoring experience.

Specialty fabric stores are also a great option if you can find one in your area. They typically have a wider selection of exclusive, luxury fabrics that are just perfect for fashion design. If you are near Presteigne, Wales, we'd love to welcome you at our store.

Italian Premium Fabrics Directly From The Mills

Create garments that will stand the test of time with premium Italian fabrics! Explore the most finely-crafted fabrics with our selection of luscious cottons, opulent silks, and stunning wools in vibrant colours and distinctive textures.

Here at Ellie Mathieson's we have partnered with some of the best fabrics mills in Italy, to give you direct access to the quality cloths they produce.

From lightweight to heavy-weight fabrics and everything in between, you can find the perfect textile for all your fashion design needs. Choose from a variety of exquisite designs unrivaled in aesthetics and quality. Select a fabric that matches your vision and style with a range of weaves, colours and textures and make something truly special.

We are currently updating our online store and will soon be displaying more options on this website. In the meantime, check out our Etsy store or visit us in Presteigne.

Be inspired with our selection of Italian luxury fabrics for fashion and tailoring. Enjoy unparalleled quality and design with fabrics that are crafted with a passion for excellence and attention to detail. Enjoy exclusive access to premium fabrics from the mills and create something truly remarkable.

My Local Fabrics Shop In Presteigne

My local fabric shop in Presteigne, Wales, can be a huge source of inspiration when looking for premium fabrics for your tailoring. I have hundreds of meters of fabrics on stock, ranging from soft tweeds to an array of patterned and textured fabrics.

The quality of the fabrics in my local shop in Presteigne are second to none, with nothing but the best fabrics available. There's nothing quite like being able to walk into a store and instantly be inspired, excited and eager to create something truly magical. If you're around Presteigne, come and pay me a visit.

View of fabrics in my local fabrics store in Presteigne, Wales
A small range of the fabrics available in my store in Presteigne

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