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From Ellie’s Workshop to Your Wardrobe: Handmade Reversible Hoodies

The winter whispers are here, and it's time to elevate your cold-weather game. Introducing a one-of-a-kind reversible hoodie, meticulously handcrafted from the finest fabrics like cashmere, alpaca wool, and sheep wool. Dive into this exclusive, limited collection and feel the magic.

On a chilly autumn morning in 2023, I had an idea: A hoodie that marries luxury with versatility. The result? A stunning handmade, reversible hoodie crafted from the premium fabrics in my shop.

I first tailored one for my husband, who chose an exquisite Irish Magee wool tweed on one side and a beautiful grey boiled wool on the reverse. When my son-in-law caught sight of it, he couldn’t resist having one tailored as well. His choice: brown cashmere with a complementary blue-brown cashmere-wool blend inside.

As my boys went out and about, the compliments flowed, leading me to start a small collection of these premium hoodies. Now, as the winter chill approaches, isn't it time you treated yourself to unrivalled warmth and style?

Limited Edition Reversible Hoodies

Pre-Selected Fabric Combinations

Choose from five pre-selected fabric combinations below – or create your own with Ellie!

Every artist has their palette, and in my world of fashion, fabrics are the vivid colours I play with. Just as a maestro conducts a harmonious orchestra, I carefully curate fabric combinations to tell a story. It’s all about balance.

My hoodies usually have a signature fabric that tells a tale of opulence on one side, and on the other, a calmer counterpart that exudes understated elegance. This combination of fabrics gives you not just two distinct looks, but a chance to express different facets of yourself.

Multicolour Jersey Wool & Light Grey Boiled Wool

1 hoodie available

£490.00 Buy Now

Multicolour Magee Wool Tweed & Dark Grey Wool-Cashmere

3 hoodies available

£590.00 Buy Now

Blue Jacquard Wool Viscose & Multicolour Wool Polyamide (3D effect)

2 hoodies available

£690.00 Buy Now

Green/Blue Jacuqard Mohair & Navy Blue Wool-Cashmere

3 hoodies available

£690.00 Buy Now

Brown Baby Alpaca Bouclee & Brown-Blue Wool-Cashmere

5 hoodies available

£590.00 Buy Now

Craft Your Unique Story

Should you desire a different fabric pairing, let your imagination run wild with my vast collection of cashmere, wool, alpaca wool, and more. Book a video consultation and together, we'll find a combination that's authentically yours. The video consultation is priced at £25, but this amount will be promptly returned to you in the form of a £25 voucher, redeemable when you place an order for your custom hoodie.

"When I first laid my eyes on Ellie's hoodies, I was intrigued. Ellie helped me choose the perfect fabric combination – the moment I wore the hoodie for the first time, I just stood there smiling at myself in the mirror. It's the best winter purchase I've made!"
- Jannis F.

A luxury experience from £499, these hoodies aren’t just garments; they're experiences. Think of it not as a price but an investment in unparalleled quality, timeless design, and the joy of owning something uniquely yours.

Size Guide (coming soon)

I am currently preparing a comprehensive side guide. If you are reading this, you are one of the very first visitors who see this page. Please drop me a quick email at so we can discuss sizing before you place your order.

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